Tips for your CV

Tips for your CV

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During this unprecedented time if necessity has meant that you’re seeking your next career move, the starting point will be to update your CV.

Your CV is the main way to get you an interview. There are no rules as to how long it should be, however, it should contain just the relevant information for an interviewer. Three pages is absolutely fine but only if it contains really suitable information to the reader.

Your CV should demonstrate that you’re a problem solver in your current role. It should mainly list your personal career achievements blended with your skills, so use ‘I’ did and not ‘we’ did. Try to avoid just writing out your job description under your career experience as this doesn’t give the hiring manager a flavour of what you can achieve.

Your CV should encourage the interviewer to want to know more about you and to meet you in person. A well-crafted CV says you are serious about developing your career by making a contribution to their organisation.​

Recruiters & interviewers often screen out candidates with poor CV’s so it’s definitely worth making it interesting!

This is just a sample of the key steps. Please get in touch with the team at Think Selection if you’d like a confidential chat about your CV.


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