Overview of some of the headline services we provide to our clients.

Annual Salary

We are delighted to offer our book publishing clients impartial recruitment advice and expert knowledge.

We conduct an annual up to the minute salary benchmarking and employee incentives and soft benefits survey across the industry.​

We provide a confidential exchange of knowledge to help publishers retain the best and hire the ideal candidates.

​Contact Danny Parnes at Think Selection for a friendly and informal chat, and we’ll be delighted to assist you in any way we can.

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Our independent book publishing recruitment model is based on investing time in talent scouting candidates and providing long term career advice.

This unique approach brings our clients excellent results as we’re able to track star candidates not actively on the market and often hidden from view.

Our approach with candidates is building a very consultative friendly partnership, we play the long game, cultivating long term win-win relationships, this personal approach helps us evaluate an individual’s unique capabilities and skills often taken for granted where they are, but would be highly valued by a new employer.

This unique approach means satisfied candidates become valued clients who go on to happily recommend colleagues to Think Selection.

Today, we are proud that 99% of all our business is repeat and word of mouth.

6 Recruitment Tips


The very best candidates are often happy where they are and need a little “wooing” before they’ll consider another career opportunity.


A good Recruiter can discreetly start sounding out high quality candidates without compromising you.


Remember to ask what the Candidate will do, not what they can do.


Mass market blanket trawling attracts the wrong people, and wastes time and resources. Being very precise however, attracts an ideal group.


Don’t be put off by job hoppers. Often they’re highly talented and can give you say two years great value before moving on.


Avoid assigning too many Recruiters to your search. Contradictory messages are often given putting off ideal candidates.

4 Tips to manage your Recruiter


Insist the recruiter guarantees all their work, including contingency work.


Insist the recruiter meets every candidate and pre-interviews them for the role.


Insist the recruiter provides you with a weekly activity report for every assignment.


Check the recruiter uses experienced Career Coaches to assess candidates.


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