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Gregory Martin Search rebrands as Think Selection

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Gregory Martin Search & Selection has rebranded as Think Selection, a name which we felt reflects our mission to provide a unique consultative career-led approach to publishing recruitment.

We provide a thoughtful approach to publishing recruitment, based on investing time in talent scouting candidates and providing long-term career advice, which brings our clients excellent results as we are able to track star candidates not actively on the market and often hidden from view.

We are delighted to offer our clients impartial recruitment advice, expert knowledge and a confidential exchange of information that helps publishers retain the best and hire the ideal candidates.

You can reach Danny Parnes at Think Selection at or via


Tips for your CV

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During this unprecedented time if necessity has meant that you’re seeking your next career move, the starting point will be to update your CV.

Your CV is the main way to get you an interview. There are no rules as to how long it should be, however, it should contain just the relevant information for an interviewer. Three pages is absolutely fine but only if it contains really suitable information to the reader.

Your CV should demonstrate that you’re a problem solver in your current role. It should mainly list your personal career achievements blended with your skills, so use ‘I’ did and not ‘we’ did. Try to avoid just writing out your job description under your career experience as this doesn’t give the hiring manager a flavour of what you can achieve.

Your CV should encourage the interviewer to want to know more about you and to meet you in person. A well-crafted CV says you are serious about developing your career by making a contribution to their organisation.​

Recruiters & interviewers often screen out candidates with poor CV’s so it’s definitely worth making it interesting!

This is just a sample of the key steps. Please get in touch with the team at Think Selection if you’d like a confidential chat about your CV.

Remote working

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This unprecedented time has had a profound effect on our working lives. Many of us are working remotely for the first time in our careers, some people are starting their new job in this unique environment, others are on furlough and some people will be job hunting.

Seeing how people in publishing are adapting to the new temporary way of working, many of whom have taken on additional responsibilities at this time is hugely impressive and encouraging that we work in a industry with such talented, creative and resilient people.

Here are just some of the ways we have heard that people are making the most of this time career-wise and preparing for the bounce back.

Staying in touch. People are contacting colleagues they usually see less of, to find out how they’re getting on. Keeping a keen interest in how the Company is doing across all departments helps to boost morale and is good for your profile.

• Offering to go the extra yard. Checking in with your boss to see what else you can be doing to support the business at this time. Do you have ideas that could bring in extra revenue or save costs? Employers will remember the person with a great attitude.
Asking customers what you can do for them right now to help them make or save money. They won’t forget you during the good times!

• Looking to the future. Are there new ways of working which could enhance workflows, and could the company be thinking more digitally from sales and marketing to communications? This could also be a time to think about your own career and to update your CV.

• Networking. Perhaps get in touch your counterpart at another Company or an ex colleague and share ideas that don’t conflict.

• Routine. Many people we talk with are juggling parenting or other responsibilities with work. Have you established a manageable routine for your working day?


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